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Megan Lozicki

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What is iOS 14.5 and what do marketers need to know?

Written by Megan Lozicki,
One minute read

Since last year in 2020 when Apple announced their new App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT) that will roll out with their iOS 14.5 update, businesses and advertising platforms and services have been scrambling to figure out what this means for them. 

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Data Studio Templates for Ecommerce Marketers

Written by Megan Lozicki,
7 min read

As an ecommerce marketer you have access to a lot of data about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The challenge comes when you’re looking at this data in a thousand different places and trying to put the pieces together. In order to make decisions with confidence, and within the day or week, you need to have your marketing data in one central location and in a set of dashboards that allow you to see everything.

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How to measure the success of your Q5 Campaigns

Written by Megan Lozicki,
5 min read
For e-commerce marketers it’s all about the lead up to the holiday season during Q4, and for many e-commerce companies it can be the most profitable time of the year. All of your potential buyers are primed and ready to see your Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads, and those same people will be eagerly awaiting your Christmas gift suggestions and deals.
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