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Sven Hamberg

CPO at Funnel
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Why you shouldn’t use pie charts - Tips for better data visualization

Written by Sven Hamberg, CPO at Funnel, October 25
5 min read
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I was talking to a colleague the other day who told me about a conversation they just had with a customer. The customer had asked “Why can’t I create pie charts in Funnel?” and my colleague’s response, jokingly, was “Our product team really doesn’t like pie charts”. While it’s true most of us are no huge fans of pie charts, the reason we haven’t invested in supporting a pie charting option is because we believe they are rarely a good fit for the problem they’re intended to solve.

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This is what you can do with cost data in Google Analytics

Written by Sven Hamberg, CPO at Funnel, May 3
4 min read
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Each time a person visits your website, Google Analytics will try to figure out how they got there. That is, what link they clicked or if they typed your site’s address directly. Google Analytics will also be able to tell you if the person made a download, signed up or completed a purchase.

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