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Additional date dimensions

Compare to same weekdays in previous period

Filter Data Warehouse exports

Export Funnel data to SFTP

Column name options in BigQuery Export

Date comparisons in dimension rules

More powerful dimension rule results

GA Upload: Select metrics for Cost, Impressions and Clicks

Funnel Account id Dimension

Sortable week numbers

GA Upload: Source, Medium and Campaign from dimensions

View monetary data in its original currency

Metric icons in dashboards and reports

Custom metrics editor "Expert mode"

Use aggregatable custom metrics in Data Studio

Include aggregatable custom metrics in exports

Categorised Data Studio data

Updated navigation: Data Sources

New data warehouse exports

Graph the filtered row in Data Explorer

New date dimension: Week number (ISO)

Metrics list redesign

Use custom dimensions in new dimension rules

Day/Week/Month in Data Explorer

Hide left navigation

Updated navigation

Increased flexibility for Google Analytics uploader

Compare date ranges in Data Explorer table

Data by day, week or month in dashboard tables

Compare date ranges in Data Explorer

Plot trends with Data Explorer line chart

Edit scheduled Google Sheet exports

Drag and drop dashboard widgets

New dashboard list

Multiple dimensions in dashboard tables

New dashboard widget editing

Adjust width of dashboard edit pane

More attribution windows for Facebook conversions

Custom date ranges in dashboard widgets

Get emails when connections fail

"This month full days" as date range

Dashboard options

Normalization of whitespaces

Attribution windows for Facebook conversions

New default behaviour for Google Sheets export

Google Sheets export