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Product Updates

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AppNexus - New report types

Google Trends - New connector

LinkedIn - Non-aggregatable metrics on Account level

Subscription admin -  Removing users and accounts

Data Explorer - Cell pop-over improvements

Facebook Attribution - Report level disabled

Bing - Search Query

Bing - Age and Gender

AdWords (Google Ads) - Click Type

Bing - Goal and Goal type

Twitter - Age and Gender

Sizmek MDX - connector deprecated

Google My Business - Questions and Answers report type

Monthly Update Summary - December 2020

Twitter - Video MRC Views metric deprecated

Mailchimp - Send time

AdWords (Google Ads) - Image URL

Detect non-normal values in Data Explorer

Twitter - Keyword and Similar to followers of user

Pre-made view on the Google Data Studio page

Data explorer quick actions pop-up

Google Sheets Import - Immediate validation in-app

Google Sheets Import - Configure import based on name

AdWords (Google Ads) - Steps towards deprecation of old API

Digital Turbine - New fields

Single Sign-On with Azure SAML

Klaviyo - Flow name dimension in Message and Attributed message breakdowns

Google Data Studio connect buttons

LinkedIn - Carousel ID

AdWords (Google Ads) - Age Range View and Gender View reports

AdWords (Google Ads) - Changes to the Ad field for the Google Ads API version

Webgains - Transaction report

Google Data Studio in-app help section

Increased consistency for in-app navigation

AdWords (Google Ads) - YouTube placement dimensions

Twitter - Card ID in the Promoted Tweet Report

Authenticate with Google for Cloud Storage exports

Filter on Search Type with Google Search Console connector

Saved columns selection in the SA360 / DoubleClick Search connector

Simplified Data Studio connection

Klaviyo - Campaign Name field in Message and Attributed message breakdowns

Klaviyo - Subject field in Attributed message breakdown for Flow messages

Google Ads - Keyword URL Custom Parameter

Klaviyo - Subject field in Message breakdown for Flow messages

DV360 (DoubleClick Bid Manager) - Connector update

Spot-A-Shop - Cost, Shop ID and Shop name

Idealo - Site ID

Data Explorer - Improved experience while scrolling

Google Analytics - New fields

Data Warehouse Exports - Export future data

Reconfigurable data sources

Search Ads 360 (DoubleClick Search) - Conversion report

Monthly Update Summary - November 2020

Spotify Ad Studio - Ad ID and Ad name

Klaviyo - Subject field added

Multiple Hubspot connectors are now reconfigurable

HubSpot Marketing Email - new connector

Single Sign-On configuration view

Pureshopping - Partner store name and ID

Data source selector in Data Explorer

Mailchimp - List Growth History report

Google Data Studio - Template Gallery

New date format option in our file and Google Sheet importer

Facebook Attribution - Addition of standard rules to the custom Traffic Source dimension

HubSpot Email Events - New connector

CJ Affiliate - Event date and Posting date

Google Ads - Placement report type

YouTube - data sources are now reconfigurable

Google Ads - Geo target country and Hotel eligible impressions

Google Ads - Connector update

Campaign Manager (DoubleClick Campaign Manager) - Connector update

Sizmek Ad Suite - New fields

Verizon Media DSP - Market area and Area ID

Reconfigurable data sources

Idealo - New metrics

Mixpanel - New authentication method

Spotify Ad Studio - New connector

Google Ads - Search Keyword report

Brightroll DSP renamed to Verizon Media DSP

Facebook Ads - Connector updates

Separate dimensions and metrics in data explorer by default

RTB House - Connector update

Partnerize -  New fields

Campaign Manager (DoubleClick Campaign Manager) - Connector update

Monthly Update Summary - October 2020

Salesforce Tasks - New premium connector

Data destinations page

Select specific fields with the HubSpot connector

Customer lifetime metrics from Shopify

Snowflake export - Data Share naming improvements

Shopify - Tag dimensions

LinkedIn - Reach and Frequency

Snapchat - Hour dimension

Salesforce Reports - New premium connector

Basis - Creative Report

Google Analytics - Data Source dimension

New File Import tool

Salesforce Campaign Members - New premium connector

DoubleClick Search (Search Ads 360) - New ad dimensions

APSIS - New fields

Pinterest Organic - New premium connector

The "Connection" dimension is now called "Data Source"

Single Sign-On via Okta now available!

Goolge Merchant Center now supports "Custom label" fields

Data Explorer - Additional column information

Edit Data Warehouse export headers

Google Analytics - Screen Resolution & Language dimensions

Awin - update to transaction metrics

New dimensions - Data Origin identifier & Data Source definition label

Vergelijk, Vertaa & Comparer - Deep URL

AdWords (Google Ads) - Postal code dimension

DerbySoft - field changes & reconfigurability

Taboola - Visible Impressions & Site ID

LinkedIn - Sends metric

Placeholder Feed Item report via Google Ads API

Bing - All conversions metric

Use pre-defined rules in your custom fields

Shopify - Customer Order Count

Google Sheet Export - Credentials are now editable

Google Search Console - Connector update

Monthly Update Summary - September 2020

AdWords (Google Ads) - Google Ads API update

Facebook Ads - Limited reconfigurability of data sources

Bing - Hour of day dimension

Impact - New fields

AdWords (Google Ads) - Google Ads API update

Pardot Activities - New premium connector

AdWords (Google Ads) - Google Ads API update

Google Analytics - New fields

Google Analytics - Custom Integer Metrics

AdWords (Google Ads) - Google Ads API is now the default option

Connexity - New metrics

AdWords (Google Ads) - Hotel report

Google Analytics - Smart Goals

Outbrain - New dimension

Google Sheet Export - Edit filters

Adobe Analytics - New time windows

New "field picker" in Data Explorer

LinkedIn Organic - Daily Follows

TikTok - Video metrics

Improved activity check for admins

LiquidM - New fields

User role visible in Account lists

Lookup from Data Source - New feature

LinkedIn - New fields

AdWords (Google Ads BETA) - New field

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DV360) - Connector update

Pinterest - New fields

AppNexus - New fields

AdWords (Google Ads BETA) - Connector update

AdWords (Google Ads BETA) - Connector update

Monthly Update Summary - August 2020

Google Sign In

Google Data Studio Connector - New feature

Google Merchant Center - New connector

Yahoo Japan YDN - New field

Yahoo Japan Search - New field

Bing - New report type

AdWords - New dimension

AdRoll- New fields

TikTok - New field

Twitter - New additional segmentation

Snapchat - New reports

Biano - Connector update

Cake - New field

Yahoo Japan Search - New fields

Snapchat - New fields

Apple Search Ads - New field

Reconfigure Sources - Snapchat & Criteo

AdWords (Google Ads) - New dimension

LinkedIn - Connector update

Inline Lookup - New feature

Lead Alliance - Connector update

Partnerize - New field

AdWords (Google Ads BETA) - New Metric

Reddit - Connector update

Twitter - New additional segmentations

AdWords - Connector update

Snowflake - Support for new regions

User Permissions - New premium feature

Reconfigure Sources - LinkedIn Organic, Pinterest & Twitter

Perfect Audience - New Metrics

Google Analytics - Connector Update

DoubleClick Search (Search Ads 360) - New field

Google Analytics - New fields

Monthly Update Summary - July 2020

AdWords - New dimensions

Twitter - New dimension

Magento - New fields

New connector - Facebook Attribution

Adwords (Google Ads BETA) - Network Type dimension available

New Adobe Analytics authentication using service accounts

AdWords (Google Ads BETA) - Local and smart campaigns available

Association fields for HubSpot Companies, Deals and Contacts

AdWords (Google Ads BETA) - New metrics added

Prisjakt - Connector Update

YouTube - New fields

Unavailable fields hidden from field pickers

Metrics & Dimensions - New validation error

Reddit - New field